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Picture Of The Month

By [TGL-Founder] Crysis   |   15 Oct 17:57 UTC | Updated on 15 Oct 18:00 UTC

Congratulations Clash for this awesome picture love the weather added to it, great angle and awesome truck.

Keep them pics coming drivers as on the 15th of November we shall pick another winner but this time there shall be a lovely prize in it for the winner.

We appreciate everybody who posts there images in our galley!

If you would like to participate in photo of the week, these are the requirements!

  1. Minimum image size should be 1280 * 720 and should be in 16:9
  2. Only the best images should be sent not all the images allowed
  3. Best image will be chosen as Picture of the Month

Send your images in our discord to participate!

Happy trucking TGL


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