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By LH-666-chenchen   |   12 Mar 2021 13:38 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

**3月3 天下车队组织了私人活动

**起点:爱丁堡 **终点:多佛 **全程:753km **参加人员:10人 **本次活动圆满结束 * **On March 6th, Tianxia Motorsport organized a private event **Starting point:Edinburgh **Finish: Dover **Full distance: 753km **Participants: 10 people **The event ended successfully **Welcome to join us, the original intention of out team is to have fun trucking with all ETS2 players! If you want to join the team, please click Here. Make sure that you fit our requirments please. 欢迎加入我们,我们车队的初衷是能让欧卡玩家一起玩的愉快! 如果你想加入我们,请点击这里,确保你符合了我们车队的要求。



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