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  • 欢迎来到[中国VTC]中国天下车队
  • 天下车队VTC *天下车队VTC成立于2020年4月3日,VTC由车队队长小龙建立,车队宣传部部长小龙负责规划,拥有完善的管理系统,每天大约有10位在线玩家。我们致力于打造中国最好的Ouka团队,互相帮助,相互配合,互相鼓励,互相促进,使我们的团队越来越完整,更好!欢迎新老玩家加入!
  • VTC发展至今已经有150余位优秀的卡车模拟司机加入了我们。

  • Welcome to [China VTC] China World Racing Team
  • World Racing Team VTC *Tianxia Team VTC was established on April 3, 2020. The VTC was established by the team captain Xiaolong. The head of the team’s publicity department Xiaolong is responsible for planning. It has a complete management system and there are about 10 online players every day. We are committed to building the best Ouka team in China, helping each other, cooperating with each other, encouraging each other, and promoting each other to make our team more and more complete and better! Welcome new and old players to join!
  • Since the development of VTC, more than 150 excellent truck simulator drivers have joined us


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