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       *         天下车队正式队员规章制度表

*车队成员之间如果遇到游戏方面的问题,希望大家可以相互帮助。 联运期间严禁与队员或其他玩家发生谩骂行为,有问题询问管理解决方法或找管理帮助解决。 *第一条:联运期间不听从指挥,私自强行发车,变道行驶,超车,等行为。前两次给予口头警告,第三次做降级为实习队员处理(与审核群成员转正规则一样),情节严重屡劝不止者予以开除车队处理。 *第二条:联运期间,发生追尾,与队员或其他玩家发生碰撞需打字或公麦电台道歉( sorry)(公麦电台按键盘X键使用),避免发生封号等问题。 严禁队员之间发生金钱或游戏账号等交易,第三条:如出现问题需自行承担后果,车队管理层不予解决。 *第四条:车队管理会有专人负责记录每次联运的人员名单,以及问题汇总 *第五条: 如果车队内部出现挖人情况,后果自负 *第六条:禁止挖其他车队队员,如果出现第一次给予口头警告处理,情节严重者车队管理层有权开除车队。 未遵守以上规则者,第一次给予口头警告处理,情节严重者车队管理层有权开除车队。


       * Formal Rules and Regulations for Official Team Members

*If team members encounter problems with the game, I hope everyone can help each other. During intermodal transportation, it is strictly forbidden to have abusive behaviors with team members or other players. If you have any questions, ask management solutions or seek management help. *Article 1: Do not obey the command during the intermodal transportation, start by force without permission, change lanes, overtake, etc. The first two verbal warnings were given, and the third time he was demoted to an intern team member (the same as the rules of reviewing group members). If the circumstances were serious, the team was dismissed from the team after repeated persuasion. *Article 2: During the intermodal transport, a rear-end collision or collision with team members or other players requires typing or an apology (sorry) (press the X key on the keyboard) to avoid problems such as banning. It is strictly forbidden to make money or game account transactions between team members. Article 3: If there is a problem, you need to bear the consequences, and the team management will not resolve it. *Article 4: The fleet management will have a dedicated person responsible for recording the list of personnel for each combined transportation, as well as the summary of the problems *Article 5: If there is digging in the team, you will be responsible for the consequences *Article 6: It is forbidden to dig other team members. If the verbal warning is given for the first time, the team management has the right to expel the team if the circumstances are serious. Those who fail to comply with the above rules will be given a verbal warning for the first time. If the circumstances are serious, the team management has the right to expel the team.


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