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By LH-666-chenchen   |   07 Apr 2021 12:34 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

第一名;TxTeam_YY_81708 6000km 2021.1.31 -第二名;TX*Team_yaya 5000km 2021.1.31 第三名,TXTeam_Suan mei 4000km 2021.1.31 *因此,本月他当之无愧地被评为本月车手,我希望他能更加光彩夺目,并希望其他车手对下个月的车手充满热情。鼓励我们为团队增添很多力量是一件好事

First place; TxTeam_YY_81708 6000km 2021.1.31 -Second place; TX*Team_yaya 5000km 2021.1.31 3rd place, TXTeam_Suan mei 4000km 2021.1.31

  • Therefore, he deserves to be named Driver of the Month this month. I hope he will be more dazzling and I hope other drivers will be enthusiastic about the next month's driver. Encouraging us to add a lot of strength to the team is a good thing


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