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2020 8.30 CVT 车队和雪狼车队举办公众友谊联运

By Lao Jin   |   14 Nov 2020 11:11 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

2020 8.30 CVT team and Snow Wolf team hold public friendship intermodal transport

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In combined transportation, the rest area and terminal station must be closed and the management order must be obeyed when the multimodal transport stops at the starting point. During the whole process, overtaking and lane changing are prohibited. In case of any significant change, please pull over immediately behind the rear vehicle or read the documents quickly in the process of combined transportation, which shall not affect the rear vehicle. Each team member shall not say uncivilized words on YY, or any other members shall not speak when the first and last vehicles are on YY. During the period of combined transportation, if you obey the management order and do not obey the management, you will bear the consequences. The requirements for joining C.V.T. China infinity club are as follows:

  1. YY can speak and must have a clear microphone.
  2. Over 16 years old
  3. Cheerful personality, strong communication skills
  4. Obey the rules of TMP game
  5. Good technology
  6. Joining the club requires entry into VTC
  7. No overtaking is allowed in the whole transportation
  8. Static advertising in the club to make uncivilized voice.
  9. There are genuine games


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