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Tag: A.T.SConvoyGaming
Language: Chinese
Created: 21 May 04:31 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]
Members: 49
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts


大型活动我们必须参与-你是我的眼-成为了车队的成名曲要前进拿到属于自己的东西,我们不会歧视任何人,就怕任何人歧视我们,我们再怎么强大,也不能骄傲,默默支持加油奥里给!------ We must participate in large-scale activities - you are my eyes - have become the famous song of the team. If we want to move forward and get our own things, we will not discriminate against anyone, just afraid that anyone will discriminate against us. No matter how strong we are, we can't be proud and support us in silence. Come on, origi!

  |   28 Jul 08:13 UTC   |   [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]

VTC介绍:欧洲卡车模拟2 Discord-VTC联机车队(TruckersMP)------Introduction to VTC: European truck simulation 2 discord VTC online fleet (truckers MP)

VTC、介绍、欧洲卡车模拟2 Discord-VTC联机车队(TruckersMP)、(TruckersMP)、Introduction to VTC、VTC, introduction, European truck simulation 2 discord VTC online fleet (truckersmp), introduction to VTC

  |   28 Jul 08:00 UTC   |   [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]

A. Congratulations on breakthrough of 50 people in T.S. convoyvtc

A.T.S Convoy、VTC突破50人、提前祝贺、奥里给,A. T.S. convoy, VTC breakthrough 50 people, congratulations in advance, Origi

  |   28 Jul 07:55 UTC   |   [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]

Hello everyone, friends of the official TMP-大家好,官方TMP的朋友们你们好

我是AT.S Convoy的,大家一定对这个车队很熟溪,我们A.T.S Convoy热爱参与一些队内队外的活动,不定时的组织日常联运-We A.T.S. love to participate in some activities inside and outside the team, and organize daily transportation from time to time.

  |   27 Jul 16:25 UTC   |   [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]

A. T.S. convoy team recent group number chat effect:

The effect of combined transport: it is possible to maintain 80% of the distance between 100 vehicles. I hope the team strategy can be improved more perfectly. A.T.S. harmony has made more and more progress. We are looking forward to the 5th anniversary of A.T.S!

  |   27 Jul 16:17 UTC   |   [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]



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每晚参加联运活动。如果您没有时间请假,您可以使用清晰的麦克风参加联运。此外,每个成员在月末都有一个收集活动来运行无限的DLC:ontology翻译Participate in the intermodal activities every night. If you don't have time to ask for leave, you can take part in the intermodal transportation with clear microphone. In addition, each member has a gathering activity at the end of the month to run unlimited DLC: ontology