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Member Handbook - Q2

By Adam [PLG]   |   17 May 2021 17:06 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Our Member Handbook is vital to ensuring our Members stay focused on the road ahead - so it's been updated with clearer language and focused content.

Changes to our Company Color

  • The official company color required on Equipment used during events and convoys has changed. This new color is called “Big Blue”. TruckersMP Player Tag must now be in white and display “Pegasus Logistics”.

Changes to our “Official and Unofficial” Convoy’s

  • As members have shown their appreciation for choosing their own load during convoys, we will no longer require members to haul a dry van. With this change, all “official” and “unofficial” convoys will be known simply as the “Weekly Convoy” going forward and will require you only to have a truck with company colors. You will be permitted to choose your own cargo so long as it weighs under 90,000 lbs. A TruckyApp Dispatch code will be provided; however, you are not required to use it.

Changes to our mid-week Convoy’s

  • We appreciate your input, and we want to show that. Going forward, all convoys that take place during the week will be known as the “Drivers’ Choice Convoy” and will be designed by one of our members. The Drivers’ Choice Convoy will replace the “Mid-week Convoy” on Wednesday evenings.

Changes to our Weekly Convoy Day and Time

  • To accommodate more members, we have doubled our weekly convoy! Saturdays and Sundays at 18:00 MT. Our Drivers’ Choice (mid-week) convoys will continue as usual just under a new name.

Other minor changes you will find in the Q2 Handbook…

  • Speed limit for all events/convoys is now 65 MPH.
  • You are NO LONGER required to have infractions enabled; however, traffic laws must be followed unless instructed otherwise by a Supervisor/Pilot.
  • Pilot cars will only be used when necessary.
  • You are limited to receive only one Promotion per eligibility period. Your new Virtual Payroll rate -if applicable- and position will begin on the first day of the next period.
  • Virtual Payroll and Dispatch guidelines.
  • Minimum 100-mile contract requirement.
  • Social Media Policy has been developed.

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