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By Adam [PLG]   |   17 May 2021 20:03 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

This is just a simple overview of all our offerings.


We pride ourselves on our professionally organized convoys. We are always trying to accommodate our members so we have a selection of multiple convoys each week, and they are never the same!

  • Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm MT, these are what we like to call our "Driver's Choice", as they are - you guessed it - chosen by our members!
  • Saturday and Sunday evenings at 5:45pm MT. These are special, we mimic the route from Saturday and complete it in reverse on Sunday!


Want to haul something special? Our Dispatch team can hook you up with a contract at any time.


With VP we aim to increase your in-game immersion ten-fold by creating a payroll program. Your virtual pay is not based on your in-game levels, rather your levels within our VTC.


With over 350 hours of combined development, from our Member Handbook to our Discord Server, Pegasus Logistics has created one of the most comprehensively organized Virtual Trucking Companies currently open on TruckersMP. Other VTC's pride themselves on the technology they offer... what we lack in technology, we make up for in quality and attention to detail when developing the projects that we do well.

At the end of the day, we are all friends who enjoy each others company and the simulations we choose to enjoy.

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