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Third Quarter Member Handbook Update

By Adam [PLG]   |   04 Jul 2021 20:50 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Our Member Handbook is updated quarterly throughout the year. As our VTC changes, so does the regulations we must follow.

Changes to our Company Color

  • The official company color required on Equipment used during events and convoys has changed. We are reverting to the original Pegasus colors. The original color is called “Silver Steel”.*

Official PLG Truck Skins

  • Drivers will receive a complimentary Pegasus Logistics truck skin! As a show of appreciation, when you reach and receive the Driver III role, you’ll receive a custom truck and trailer skin matched to the truck of your choice! Subsequent ‘mile’-stones will result in a new “sticker” added to your skin to show off your progress! They are as follows.*

  • At 50,000 real miles you will get a 50,000-mile sticker added to your custom skin.

  • At 100,000 real miles you will get a 100,000-mile sticker added to your custom skin.

  • At 250,000 real miles you will get a 250,000-mile sticker added to your custom skin.

  • At 500,000 real miles you will get a half a million-mile sticker added to your custom skin.

  • At 1,000,000 real miles you will get a million-mile sticker added to your custom skin.

Changes to our Convoy’s

  • All speed limits must now be followed. The general limit - while outside the view of other TruckersMP users was 65mph and members were able to (when it was safe) exceed the posted speed limits. This clause/rule has been amended. With popular feedback for this change it is a welcome adjustment.

Members under 18 at Enrollment

  • If an applicant is under 18, and over 16, they must complete an Intake Drive before being officially welcomed as a Pegasus Logistics member. All members that are under 18 will be placed on a one-month probationary period, in which they will be scrupulously observed for behavior deemed extremely juvenile during which time Management reserves the right to remove such members. This Company will not filter content deemed inappropriate for minors and they must join at their own risk.

Changes to Intake Drive Requirements

  • New members will have one week to respond to a request to schedule an intake drive. The driver has two weeks to complete the drive from initial schedule to completion. This is to accommodate any last-minute schedule changes or other issues that may arise.

Other minor changes you will find in the Q3 Handbook…

  • Convoy Pilots may determine if a convoy will stop at red lights. Safety is paramount. Drivers must follow all traffic laws if other trucks are in the area.
  • A driver must complete a minimum of 25,000 real miles to be eligible for any Pegasus Logistics “giveaway.” New drivers joining the VTC during a month where a giveaway or contest is underway will not be eligible for that months “giveaway

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