TianYang VTC 中国天阳车队



Tag: CN.TY-Team
Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Created: 05 Jun 2020 13:10 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: CN*YongHeng*ZhongJiang
Members: 193
Recruitment: Closed

Latest VTC Posts

Activities attended by tianyang team in December

The activities that tianyang team participated in in December are as follows

  |   31 Dec 2021 19:44 UTC   |   CN*YongHeng*ZhongJiang

On December 30th, tianyang team and Lu Road team carried out friendship transportation

This time for the tianyang team invited lu road team to carry out the friendship combined transport

  |   31 Dec 2021 19:32 UTC   |   CN*YongHeng*ZhongJiang

December 31, Tianyang team participated in the New Year welcoming activities of CVT team

This event is for the CVT team to welcome the New Year EWR

  |   31 Dec 2021 19:20 UTC   |   CN*YongHeng*ZhongJiang

On December 19, 2021, Tianyang Team will participate in the New Year greeting activity of Mingyang Team

December 19, Tianyang team participated in mingyang team welcome the New Year activity

  |   21 Dec 2021 08:08 UTC   |   CN*YongHeng*ZhongJiang

2021.11.21 China Tianyang Motorcade private Transport Activities


22 Nov 2021 01:48 UTC   |   CN*YongHeng*XiNuo



20200810213824-1.jpg 天阳车队进队需知:







Tianyang motorcade should know when entering the team: people over 18 years old have microphones, can use YY voice, have good driving skills and strong communication skills, are friendly and have genuine European truck simulation 2, and abide by TruckersMP game rules.