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TEEGA Alps Convoy - Summary

By CRUGG   |   17 Aug 2020 15:49 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Hello Truckers!

We hope you are all doing fine and are healthy. Especially during the current times.

Yesterday, on the 16th of August 2020, TEEGA organized it's second event, the "TEEGA Alps Convoy". The event was a complete success: With more than 20 drivers, it topped all our expectations. More than 8 Drivers from Pronto Logistics, 3 Drivers from true-blue VTC, 2 Drivers from Rising Logistics, and 5 Drivers from TEEGA Logistics joined us on our journey through the swiss alps.

We travelled from Luxembourg to Salzburg and on our way, we travelled through gorgeous landscapes and beautiful roads and visited the outer areas of Mannheim, Stuttgart, Zürich, Bern and Innsbruck.

While we had some slight issues with one of our own Drivers and had some Issues with Gaps, those Issues have been sorted and should be fixed for the next Convoy. For the next convoy, we'll do something way bigger. More Slots, more everything.

Stay tuned for more information.

Kind regards and stay safe!


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