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Partnership with ConvoyHub

By InsanoDeath   |   14 May 09:03 UTC | Updated on 14 May 09:05 UTC

Hello dear Friends,

We are looking forward to launch of convoyhub.in on 14th may 2022 @18:30 UTC. We expect your presence during the Launch at our Youtube Video Premiere set to the same time. The Website will be also live at the same time.

So What is ConvoyHub? ConvoyHub started in the summer of 2022. We envisioned taking away the time required to invite a virtual trucking company to a convoy. With the help of ConvoyHub, everyone can bring their desired virtual trucking companies to their convoy more quickly than ever before. A concept now brought to perfection by the ConvoyHub Team.

We Hope you will join the Premiere Video and Support ConvoyHub in Future by allowing us to manage your Event's Invites for you.

Youtube Premiere- https://youtu.be/rkIcVwbQfEY Discord Server- https://discord.gg/jdcGKSanNj Website- https://www.convoyhub.in/


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