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July Summary

By Backup   |   31 Jul 14:14 UTC | Updated on 31 Jul 14:15 UTC

Activity Updates

Many of our members were absorbed with their everyday lives and unable to participate in the convoys that were planned throughout the month of July. We, the management, are aware that not everyone can set priorities and maintain a healthy work-life-Gaming balance. I want to let all of our members know that starting around September, we will be toning down our event planning. This will allow the staff team to take a break and let everyone just enjoy playing with their friends without worrying about event planning.

New Manager

Due to some personal reasons, our cherished Manager InsanoDeath left us last month. Backup was chosen as the new temporary Manager for a duration of two months. There was no change in the way the VTC operated since, as we already stated, not everyone is active enough to take on the managerial role. As a result, he had to step in.

Hiring new Staff Members

We have opened staff applications on the Indian Truckers Website. If you have any questions regarding the Application process do not hesitate to contact Bhargav or Backup.

Stay safe and Keep Trucking -Backup


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