FH retrofit package-launched

By K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge   |   05 Jul 2020 18:11 UTC

We like to see community members personally customize their trucks, and we also appreciate that some drivers invest a lot of time to make trucks most suitable for highways. That's why we are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new modification package today.

Introducing the European truck simulation 2 Volvo FH modification package

Volvo FH is a legendary road truck, and since the early days, it has become a favorite model for players in the European Truck Simulator 2 community. Offering multiple engine options to suit different freight tasks, we know this is important for making trucks look like it's going on.


The new retrofit package offers many retrofit options, allowing everyone to personalize your Volvo truck in the way they like! Over 80 customized options, including chassis covers, rear bumpers, exhaust pipes, sun hoods, high-end lighting, anti-stone nets, front fenders, side skirts, hood and front grille, protective bars, front/rear Mudguards, door and window trims, 2 new finishes, and various cab accessories (eg curtains, mugs, LED logo lights, center console table, main driver/co-driver license plate). Modification has unlimited possibilities!

Moreover, this modified package is not the only way for everyone to obtain new Volvo FH accessories. We will also launch a version update that includes various items and modified parts, and it will be free for all European truck simulation 2 players. New parts include front bumper, small light socket, engine logo, door handle, front grille, removable deflector and more! You can see some accessories in the picture below.

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