Welcome to the second ProMods 2.50 preview.

By K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge   |   07 Jul 2020 17:06 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Welcome to the second ProMods 2.50 preview. This week, let's take a look at Iceland's improvements and new contents. Although our new Icelandic developer DOWL has made some outstanding progress since February, we are very happy to share it with you.

As one of the few regions in Iceland that has not been substantially upgraded since the first iteration of ProMods 1.9, Reykjavik, now the capital, uses newer assets and technologies to rebuild it, making it feel closer to the real thing. All the old prefabricated joints have been replaced and the signs have been overhauled.

In addition to reconstruction, Keflavák-Iceland's main international airport-has been moved to the right position, so now you can enjoy a longer drive on the road between the airport and the capital. Two new towns have been added: Grindavák has a gas station and a small hotel, while Oleshfen has a port for you to transport ships. New roads connect these towns with Keflavik and Selves, and you can explore the vast wilderness of Iceland's southern peninsula.

The ring road between Hefen and Reykjavik has been updated, and Höfn, Vük and Hella have been updated with new assets. It's not just an improved map, you can expect it at 2.50. Now, when you enter the new area, you will receive HUD message, and we have started to add this function to many countries. In addition, some companies have added or reworked, and there is a new feature that we didn't mention, so you will have to wait to find yourself.

DOWL plans to continuously improve and expand Iceland, so it hopes to have more updates over 2.50.




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