Ets2 version 1.38 open test: roof horn

By K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge   |   10 Jul 2020 08:45 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Since the opening test of European Truck Simulation 2 version 1.38 started, our team has been working hard to make changes, improve and fix bugs reported by the community. Like the previous big version update, you may find that ETS2 will be updated several times during the open test, which makes all the repaired contents re-tested. However, we sometimes add additional content that was not updated when it was first launched.

Today, we will focus on a new content of ETS2 1.38 open test. It is a feature that our community members have been looking forward to for a long time to make the game more realistic-roof air horn.


When the game was first launched, we didn't add any special attachment mounting position for the truck roof. At that time, truck modification options were much more limited than today, and it is time to fill this small gap. The installation of air horn on the roof is a newly added option, which is by no means the case in reality. In order to correctly reflect the installation position of truck air horn in reality, our vehicle team has added a new installation "site" for truck cab. We also did our best to make research to ensure that its installation position conforms to the accurate reference materials, most of which are the default positions of manufacturers, but some of them are determined according to the refit photos we took at the truck festival.


More than that, we have added a new horn model, which more realistically presents the design of truck air horns that you can commonly find in Europe.


We are still working on the 1.38 version update, I hope everyone likes this new addition about your truck. If you have any screenshots during the open test, please remember to share them with us on Weibo. We like to see such content very much!

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