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Tag: [K.T]>>>Yy:871183
Language: Chinese
Created: 21 Jun 14:13 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: K.T-[001]zha_cai
Members: 395
Recruitment: Open

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Latest VTC Posts

On July 12, 2020, KT team participated in the public event sponsored by LUTU team

*活动名字:2020年7月12日 KT车队参加了LUTU车队主办的公共活动 *活动时间:2020年7月12日20.30

12 Jul 16:49 UTC   |   K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge

On July 11, 2020, KT team participated in the full moon celebration of Chinese boy team

*活动名字:2020年7月11号 KT车队参加了中国男孩车队的满月庆典 *活动时间:2020年7月11日20.30

11 Jul 16:46 UTC   |   K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge

On July 10, 2020, kt team participated in the friendship and joint transportation activities organized by T.C.D

*活动名字:2020年7月10日K T车队参加了T.C.D车队组织的友谊联运活动 *活动时间:2020年10月5日20.30

10 Jul 16:24 UTC   |   K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge

Ets2 version 1.38 open test: roof horn

Ets2 version 1.38 open test: roof horn

10 Jul 08:45 UTC   |   K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge

On July 9, 2020, we participated in the friendship intermodal activity organized by SAM team

*活动名字:2020年7月9日我们参加了SAM车队组织的友谊联运活动 *活动时间:2020年7月9日20.30 *参加车队:KT车队 SAM车队 天枫车队 TY车队 北笙车队

09 Jul 16:53 UTC   |   K.T-[ceo]Quan Ge



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2. 有麦克风,并且会用YY语音 ;

3. 有良好的驾驶技术;


5. 有正版欧洲卡车模拟2;

6. 遵守TruckersMP游戏规则。

7. 请开启您的个人资料的 【禁令展示开关【Display your bans on your profile and API】】(仅审核使用)


1. Over 16 years old;

2. Have microphone, and can use YY voice;

3. Good driving skills;

4.Strong communication ability and friendly;

5. There is a genuine European truck simulation 2;

6. Follow the rules of the truckersmp game.

7. Please open this option [display your banks on your profile and API] (For auditing only used)