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The Power on Your side.

TruckersMP Supports 1.45!

The latest versions of both ATS and ETS2 are fully supported on TruckersMP.

ProMods Europe and ProMods Canada are also fully supported.

Enjoy the update, and we hope to see you out on the road!


Tag: Nexus
Language: English
Created: 29 Jun 2020 00:57 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: ItsMeerken
Members: 22
Recruitment: Open

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Farewell Speedy Convoy

Following on from the recent sad news within the community...

10 Jun 02:06 UTC   |   ItsMeerken

Pushbar Haulage x Nexus Transport Group Merge

We're happy to announce that Pushbar Haulage has decided to merge with Nexus Transport Group, and we are now in the process of hiring new members for our team.

12 Apr 00:00 UTC   |   ItsMeerken

Application Template

Please make sure you read this information, before applying to join Nexus Transport Group!

22 Oct 2021 11:34 UTC   |   ItsMeerken

Where have we been?

To put it short, we've been working on some exciting projects!

12 Apr 00:00 UTC   |   ItsMeerken

Kernow Creative x Nexus Transport Group Partnership

We're happy to announce a new partnership with Kernow Creative

10 Apr 00:00 UTC   |   ItsMeerken



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Nexus Transport | Driver Requirements

Age Requirements

» Drivers must be aged 16+ due to TruckersMP's Age Requirement, but we're able to drop this to 13, following Discord's TOS.

TruckersMP Profile

» Members are required to have their bans displayed publically, on the TruckersMP website.
» Members are required to be part of the TruckersMP VTC Group.
» You must have no more than 4 bans on your profile, and no active bans at the time of applying.
» You must not be registered to any other VTC at the time of applying.

Discord Rules & TOS Notice

» Members must be part of the Nexus Transport Discord Server (
» Members must be aged 13+ on the Discord Server, to co-operate with the Discord Terms of Service
» All members are to follow the Discord Terms of Service, regardless of what situation you may be in. (

Nexus Dashboard // NAVIO

» Upon applying to Nexus Transport Group, you will be given access to Nexus Dashboard, our brand-new in-house Driver Logging System, which utilises NAVIO.
» You will be required to download the client update for Navio when you are given access.
» Please ensure that your TruckersMP and Steam profile(s) are public, and can be accessed by the API systems.
» Failure to set your Steam profile to public will result in you being unable to log jobs, as Navio requires your Steam ID.

All future updates to our requirements can be found here. This document was last updated on 3rd October 2021 by Mark Davison

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