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Taking the baby steps

By ReacherK   |   23 Sep 2020 21:53 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Not long after starting the company on the 10th of July, 2020, we hosted our first every Himalayan Logistics Weekly Convoy on the day of 29 July, 2020; 19 days after the inauguration. We have been hosting our weekly convoys every Wednesdays ever since.

We initially started with around 10 drivers and some close friends who have always provided us their love and support through every step of the way. From last minute notice to proper planning, the drivers have always been there to represent the company when and where it matters. With attendance as low as 2 drivers to as high as 9 drivers during any convoys, we have been representing the company wherever possible.

I am proud to announce, today (23 September, 2020), on the day of the company's ninth official weekly convoy, we have surpassed the target of 10 drivers attending with a record highest attendance of 12 drivers from the company and a highest total attendance of 17 drivers participating in the convoy.

I would like to thank each and everyone who could be a part of this milestone; it would not have been possible without you guys and all of the drivers who support us. I am going to mention the in-game names of the people who were present today.

Himalayan Logistics Drivers
  • ajji052
  • Alden14
  • Arnav
  • jayeshkesav1998
  • neupane
  • ReacherK
  • rexx_1
  • rikitcamper7
  • WitcherGeralt
  • abhi055 (Tango Transport)
  • -Elvis- (Prime Logistics)
  • Slinkyshark (Red Line Cargo)
  • super37s (Tango Transport)
  • Winter~ (Pries Logistics)

Himalayan Logistics Convoy Participants


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