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Driver of the Month | Updated Policy

By ReacherK   |   06 Oct 2020 02:10 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hello Drivers,

As you know, it was previously announced that the driver with most distance driven and their overall performance in the company would decide the person entitled to become Driver of the Month. This seemed like the right way to award the person driving the most distance for the company. However, this decision turned out unfair to some people who are unable to drive the distance but are very active in the convoys; who are equally contributing to the company.

Starting next month we will make changes to the way Driver of the Month is selected. Firstly, the person driving the most distance will only be eligible if they drive a minimum distance of 100,000 KM. We believe that this will provide an opportunity for the people attending the most convoys become eligible to compete for the title. This shall only be fair to every person contributing their part to the company.

One must try to attend as much convoys as possible or at-least join the company weekly convoys to increase your chances towards the title. In addition to it, you also gain advantage by driving the minimum distance of 100,000 KM.

We hope that this change will create a fair ground for every driver in the company. We wish you all the best and may the most deserving person be the next Driver of the Month.


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Created: 09 Jul 2020 22:18 UTC
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