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Clovery's Short Summary of September

By Crestune~   |   05 Oct 2020 16:08 UTC

When we're talking about a VTC - the most fundamental aspect are drivers. Without drivers, the VTC will not be anything other than an idea.

Recently Clovery has been adding and completing the fundamental features for drivers such as Clovery's bot (thanks for @Mxres's help) as well as a semi-automatic XP ranking system (thanks to @Miyu's friend helping out).

The staff team act as Moderators as well as their original responsibilities. If you have issues, enquiries, or reports, please feel free to ask for staffs' help.

Our Discord server is not just for Clovery drivers, but public members and people who wish to follow along with Clovery's development. If you're wish to apply, you may go to Clovery's website or send the corresponding information via the ModMail bot mentioned in #information.

Clovery is hiring staff as well for all teams. If you have any experience and want to change the working environment, it is welcomed in Clovery as well.


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