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職業訓練局是什麼 What is a VTC?

By [TW-DML] RYZEN TR 3990x   |   17 Aug 13:14 UTC

職業訓練局只是一個角色扮演的概念,由社會發展,以增加虛擬的卡車運輸經驗。它們在TruckersMP的早期就已經存在了,當時被稱為歐洲卡車模擬器2 MP,可能在那之前就已經存在了。


VTC is just a role-playing concept, developed by the community to increase the virtual truck experience. They have existed since the inception of TruckersMP (called Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP at the time), and may exist before then.

Today, there are hundreds (or even thousands) of VTCs, but in the past, only a few VTCs could join. Some of our old members may still remember some of them.


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