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By FamousPerson [CTN]   |   13 Sep 16:50 UTC | Updated on 13 Sep 17:37 UTC

This day is very important for our company. There was a lot of work with the team and I believe that there will still be a lot of work with the team.

A few months and days have passed since February 1, when our company ends up on the CZ/SK scene and we move to the international scene. After working hard with colleagues from the Company Management, we did everything to get there, these people deserve a BIG THANK YOU! <3.

I would like to THANK YOU TOO employees, for your constant & fantastic support! Because of you, we are what we are now, really something incredible.

You will find out a FEW News about what we will announce during the next months at the latest.

When moving to the international scene, we are ready to plan how we will start proceeding, so it will be a little more challenging to start with.

During this week I will inform you what we are planning. Be ready!

Thank you for everything, you are our second family.

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