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🌐 β–Ί New VTC Website β—„ 🌐

By FamousPerson   |   09 May 08:35 UTC | Updated on 12 Jun 10:09 UTC


Our VTC website needed a little change.

  • Our VTC Management has invested a little in the development of our new website. We invested Β£ 30 in website development and our developer "Aleksa α΅˜ΜΆβΏΜΆΛ’ΜΆα΅‰ΜΆα΅‰ΜΆβΏ#7123" his name on the discord, made a brand new website for our VTC.

We are very happy that we were able to move one step closer to the achievable goals we have. Our management already sees about 200% more applications than before and we assume that this is mainly due to our website and ads in ETS2 / ATS games.

We know that this was not the only investment in our VTC, we will invest in a lot of other projects. However, currently our limits are at a slightly different level and such a large investment as in the development of our own Discord Bot or Drivershub is the last step for us to say.

  • As most of you probably know, our website is still hosted by an old company, so before we switch to another hosting, we must believe that our VTC will succeed, we have a goal of at least 50 employees by 4.9. 2022 - the day when the hosting itself at the old company ends.

  • If we do not achieve this goal, it is probably time to end the VTC, but we do not want to anticipate events.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our founder, Dante123, for helping us create a new website.

It cost an enormous amount of effort, creating all the texts and designing the site itself as it will look, anyway, it's done.

Thank you for your support!

Your CTN <3


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