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πŸ”ƒ β–Ί Regular Monthly Convoys β—„ πŸ”ƒ

By FamousPerson   |   28 Jul 13:37 UTC | Updated on 28 Jul 17:15 UTC

We started running monthly convoys for our VTC.

  • For the purpose of verification as well as simplicity, we started running monthly convoys for our company on the TruckersMP site.

All our convoys, whether corporate or public, will be created here on our page and a post will be created afterwards.

  • This is the right solution for better organization. The events department will be in charge of these convoys and their contributions.

We are happy to run our monthly convoys and we will get feedback not only from our members but also from other companies and we will be able to improve.

Thank you for your understanding, we hope to see you in some of the following convoys! <3

Your Line of Energy (formerly known as Czech Transit Net) <3


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