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📯 ► Newsletter | February ◄ 📯

By FamousPerson   |   28 Feb 18:04 UTC | Updated on 31 Mar 15:04 UTC

Greeting Community Members!

It's the end of the month and as we agreed at the end of last year in the management, this year, in each month we will publish individual Newsletters, these Newsletters will always be published at the end of the month (i.e. on the last day of the month).

What can you find out here?

  • what has changed for us this month
  • how many convoys we have participated in
  • how many convoys we have created
  • how many applications we received and how many were accepted/rejected
  • announcement of Staff of the Month
  • announcement of Driver of the Month
  • and many more...

So, we are pleased to welcome you to the new Newsletters and will try to publish them as clearly as possible, but also to include all the most important information and changes that have affected our VTC this month.

What changed in our VTC this month?

Our CEO FamousPerson is temporarily leaving his position, we can't give you more information, but we hope to he will be back soon, he's taking a few days off from VTC, which he thinks is necessary.

We created the following convoys:

Other convoy was only for our VTC Members.

We participated in the following convoys:


  • Received: 23
  • Accepted: 18
  • Declined: 3

Discord Update / Reconstruction + Changelog:

We were working on our Discord server to complete the planned reconstruction, which is needed for a long time, from the Christmas Festive Break we were working to complete this reconstruction and we don't done yet.

  • So it will take some time until we complete all things, which are needed for this Discord server update.

  • Current changelog for Discord Reconstruction:

  • Its will be updated, when we change or add something.

Your Line of Energy (formerly known as Czech Transit Net) <3


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