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How we help our Drivers in NGT.

By J_el   |   22 Feb 20:26 UTC

Hey everyone!

This new post is going to be about how we go the extra mile to help out drivers; Suggestion, NGT have taken suggestions from our drivers from day 1.

"Suggestion: Make a custom drivers hub for the drivers in ngt."

Our Response: We hired a part-time Developer to make the drivers in NGT a custom Drivers Hub with state of the art technologies which is to be released soon!


"Suggestion: Make a channel for memes and pictures taken irl."

Our Response: We made an #irl-pic-and-memes channel for all of our drivers and public to post in!


"Suggestion: Start hosting more events for the drivers and public"

Our Response: We started hosting and attending weekly convoys more often.


Thanks for reading, these suggestions are only 3 of around 15 we have accepted!

Hope to see you soon, Joel | Driver Manager @ NGT


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