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By Mr.Swift   |   15 Jul 20:33 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Hello everyone!

We hope you have all been well and continuing to show perseverance and courage through these challenging times as we finally ease out of the horrendous times we have all been living in and start to get back to some kind of normality. As a result of us entering a more normal life, with the addition of the sun finally appearing, we have all been extremely busy! Most of us either still at school/college, at work or with family. So we have tried extremely hard to keep the life and soul of NGT afloat. And we believe we have been successful! We have even continued to grow and gain many more drivers and community members, creating one much larger community keeping our principles of being a fun, friendly and professional vtc family!

Below is an outlined view of the changes that have taken place within NGT and what we plan on changing for the future:

  • Firstly, We have gained 2 new staff team members to help with the day to day running of NGT. They are Charles, who is now in charge of the logistics within NGT, running events and assisting drivers. And we have Olly, who is part of our new events team that we hope to fully launch in a few weeks. We are so looking forward to many more great memories to be made with both of these incredible people!

  • Next, As a result of everyone being extremely busy at the moment, We have decided to dedicate either a Saturday or a Sunday evening to an NGT Driver Convoy where partners are also welcome! This allows us to meet up with the drivers and have a really enjoyable evening with a great bunch of people. Other partner events will take place just not as often.

  • We have also focused more on pushing our monthly competitions offering much more to the drivers of NGT offering them Gift Cards and Dlcs for the winners. This gives everyone the chance to win something as a pat on the back for all their hard work.

  • A few changes for the next few weeks are a complete transformation of our discord server, Updating of our website and drivers application process. updates to our event system and the introduction of a new concept we have that will be released in the next few weeks.

  • And lastly, We are pleased to announce that for our BIG 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON AUGUST 22ND, WE HAVE ACHIEVED AN EVENTS SERVER OF OUR OWN!!!!! This is a massive achievement for us as we have continued to persevere and put on our convoys working hard to reach the level of over 100 attendees, and we have finally made it! We want to thank all of you for the support we have received as we would not be in the position we are in today! Remember please mark your attendance on the events page here

This has just been a short look into the massive amounts of progress we have made within NGT and we continue to make great strides into our success! Please stay tuned for more information regarding some more of our concepts and we look forward to seeing you at the big 1 year to celebrate the amazing memories we have made!

Thank you and Stay Safe, Mr. Swift.


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