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Partnership and our future convoys!

By James   |   20 Dec 2020 18:57 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC


The time is now here for this important announcement.
Bruijn Logistics is now partners with Project Cargo.
Together, we will be hosting our monthly convoys with resources from each VTC.
From January, we will be hosting our monthly convoys with Project Cargo.

January Monthly Convoy

Bruijn Logistics x Project Cargo Monthly Convoy.

Convoy Information:

Meetup: 18:30 UTC
Departure: 19:00 UTC
Departing From: Olsztyn - Tradeaux
Arriving at: Linz - NBFC
DLC Required: None
NoTimeZoneLink: NoTimeZoneLink

You can find all the information in the ETS2C link above.

We hope to see you at our joint monthly convoy.

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