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Bruijn Logistics Private Convoy - Summary

By ConnorP292   |   16 Jan 2022 22:05 UTC | Updated on 16 Jan 2022 22:05 UTC


On Sunday the 16th of January, we hosted a private convoy for our drivers only. We were very satisfied seeing over 35 Bruijns showing up at our private convoy.

We took our drivers for a journey throughout the roads of Europe. We started in Prague and made our way towards Lublin. We had to navigate some narrow country roads, which were covered in snow meaning that we had to take extra care. In the end we managed to reach the final destination safely. We have enjoyed the scenic trip with our drivers, they loved it and we hope to keep this up!

We soon will be hosting our January convoy!
Make sure to check it out here.

You can also find our February convoy here.

Bruijn Logistics
You do the Ya, I’ll do the Yeet


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