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Staff Picture of the Month - April

By Stubborn.   |   03 May 2022 20:45 UTC | Updated on 03 May 2022 20:45 UTC


I hope everybody is doing well and enjoying the nice weather that we are starting to see coming through! This month, we had the theme of bridges for both competitions, which was a different theme compared to the last few months with less of a focus on nature, and more man made structures. It is great to see that regardless of the theme, Bruijn creativity shines through and we see some great responses from the entire staff team despite being busy with other duties. With that being said, let's take a look at the winners for this month!

1st Place: WackoZ

2nd Place: Niklas

3rd Place: Tonioarct

We really look forward to seeing you at our convoy later this month!

Bruijn Logistics You do the Ya, I'll do the yeet


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