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Our External Staff Team

By Phon   |   29 Oct 2022 14:15 UTC | Updated on 29 Oct 2022 17:30 UTC

Events are one of the most important parts of a VTC - they take the spotlight within the community and Bruijn Logistics is no exception.

We host monthly convoys stretching across the most picturesque parts of Europe and the United States and provide a great opportunity for our drivers, and our community to drive together.

But events are nothing without the people who organise, plan and execute them. Our drivers have the opportunity to join a number of staff teams including the Event Team, but did you know we offer a similar opportunity for our community members too?

Bruijn Logistics has an External Staff program, where we enlist the help of the community to help us coordinate our community events. You don't need to be a Bruijn driver, you can be in whatever VTC you like, or no VTC at all. We simply understand the vast number of people who love helping out at events and feel we can provide an opportunity for everyone, not just our own Event Team, to give us a hand.

We are always looking for people to join our External Staff team - all you have to do is head over to our Discord Guild and create a management ticket. Our team will be with you shortly.

Any questions about External Staff, just get in touch!

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