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Driver Of The Month - October

By StateCA [NL]   |   13 Nov 2022 14:00 UTC | Updated on 13 Nov 2022 14:00 UTC


Starting from this month we will be posting a monthly news post where we will be putting some of our drivers in the spotlights. How you may ask? Well, by showcasing the Driver Of The Month!

As you may know Bruijn Logistics does not have any activity requirements. Our aim is to provide a friendly and relaxed environment to those who want to enjoy being in a VTC, but still want to drive on their own time without having to worry about reaching quotas. However, we also know that logging jobs for the company is a big fun factor for many drivers. Thanks to our developers we have our very own driver's hub on the website, and an automated ranking system so you can earn driver ranks based on how many kilometers you have driven. These ranks range from Bronze I to God. For more information you can visit our introductory post here.

What is the driver of the month? It is the driver who has driven the longest distance by logging jobs for our company. Each month we will check who has driven the longest distance and the number 1 driver gets a special thanks in our discord server and the DOTM rank which they get to keep for the entire month!

Our thanks and congratulations to:

1st Place: TruckersLife - 125.010 kilometers!

Honorable mentions:

2nd Place: Katelyn. - 58.230 kilometers!
3rd Place: 'Leo.[GER/FR] - 44.552 kilometers!

Good luck in the next month and safe travels!

~Bruijn Logistics


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