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Phon Leaving As CEO of Bruijn Logistics

By Schak Bruijn   |   21 May 15:00 UTC | Updated on 21 May 19:25 UTC

Sadly recently Phon has recently resigned as CEO of Bruijn Logistics.
Here is an update on what happens next.

Currently we are not in a rush with finding a new CEO for the VTC. This has multiple reasons.

Firstly, not all the candidates are currently available for a chat and therefore it has stalled a bit. This has mainly to do with the summer holidays and final exams that are slowly approaching.
Secondly, it's not only that we are looking for a new leader for the VTC, we also need a replacement for what role they had in the VTC. For example, if we were to assign someone with role X to role Y, role Y will be filled but that means role X will remain empty. That is something we need to plan ahead so no delays and/or issues are caused by this.
Lastly, it's a time consuming topic because we of course want the best candidate to represent us as our new CEO. It's not an easy task, and there are many responsibilities. That's what makes this extra hard.

In the past we have been extremely lucky with the CEO's Bruijn Logistics have had. We have had excellent examples of how a CEO is supposed to lead a VTC. How to start new projects and make sure they get the right attention and finish before the deadline. Appropriately manage a absolutely massive staff team and make sure everything goes fair and accordingly.

Hopefully this clears up some doubts about what we are currently focusing on regarding the CEO role within Bruijn Logistics.
Rest assured, we won't stop until the perfect candidate has been selected.

The kindest regards,
The Bruijn Logistics Management Team
You do the ya, I'll do the yeet.

Drive safe.


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