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MILEAGE RIOT Convoy Catastrophe Poor CC (OCSC)

By GoldieWolfieUWU   |   10 Mar 23:25 UTC | Updated on 02 Jun 17:44 UTC

In January Yorkshire Haulage received a invite ticket to a convoy from Skazochnick from MILEAGE RIOT and our event team happily accepted this.

After accepting this convoy they had to fill out for a slot to book it for the convoy which was held today, Friday March 10th, We had also planned to attend 2 more M.R. convoys within the next few months.

On arrival to the convoy we parked within our booked slot, with no staff from MILEAGE RIOT or OCSC Event team to say that we were in the right place and when it came to them listing the convoy departure order they completely left Yorkshire Haulage off the list and when asked by our Founder and Co-founder why they had completely just forgot about us they just ignored them.

We had other members of the VTC ask and they also got ignored even when we had already booked months in advance and with the form filled out it is not likely that they didn't know we were coming.

After being ignored we even done the convoy and went our own route, at the end we arrived before the Convoy and parked up at the entrance to the quarry, in the non collision zone, the whole convoy had to drive through us to get parked up. We were still ignored, even when people said lets park up and take pictures, we were still ignored.

MILEAGE RIOT are a verified VTC and as this was their first ever convoy we are assuming this was due to a poor quality CC team, hopefully they can iron out these issues in the future, unfortunately it does not look likely therefore MILEAGE RIOT convoys have been blacklisted when using OCSC as CC for Yorkshire Haulage for the foreseeable future. Unless a decent CC that is responsive is used. Update to follow as im sure more is due to unfold with the founder of OCSC not accepting we wasn't happy with the outcome of CC for this event. And was rather rude in our ticket system.


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