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Our 3 Year Anniversary

By Chappy19941   |   26 Oct 21:14 UTC | Updated on 26 Oct 21:15 UTC

On the 21st of October 2023 we had planned to have a 3 Year anniversary Convoy but due to TMP having server issues (DDOS) attacks we had to postpone this to the following day 22nd of October 2023.

Yorkshire haulage 3 Year anniversary went smooth as planned while taking place from Sheffield on the Promods server and cruising to Vík í Mýrdal which is in Iceland, MGL joined with this convoy the roads are treacherous when trying to keep on the road after the physics have been updated so trying to get grip and stay on the road is hard and as well the road has lots of bumps and stones on the road which makes it harder to drive at a constant speed and can cause you to get stuck as 1 of the VTC members found out the hard way by getting stuck multiple times on the treacherous roads which this then brings fun and enjoyment to try and help friends get unstuck and keep driving at a constant speed.

Yorkshire haulage has enjoyed doing the 4 events on TMP, doing the pumpkin runs and world of trucks Halloween, cruising the Balkans-West Balkans and cruising the Balkans-road to the black sea events so many of our VTC have completed this, they have enjoyed this while doing the events I believe they should bring more events out to bring VTC's together and have fun driving, the new DLC brought to ETS2 have brought out more roads to be driving and more places to adventure with in the work of ETS2.


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