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S.PLH Sunday Convoys Recap | 29th Nov 2020

By Austin_Phoenix   |   01 Dec 2020 17:34 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

S.PLH Sunday Convoys Recap | 29th Nov 2020

Calais craziness! A quick recap of our VTC's latest adventure!

S.PLH Sunday Convoys Recap!

29th November 2020

This weeks convoys saw Sgt. Pepper's Long Haulage travel from the UK, braving the new 1.39 Calais update, all the way to the Baltics, and then back down into Going East!

This week, our convoy goers began in Sheffield in the UK, one of the oldest parts of the ETS2 base map, bound for Travemünde in northern Germany. Our drivers collected their cargos, made sure their trucks were fueled and serviced, and gathered in the Sheffield service station.

Almost immediately upon starting the journey, one of our "experienced" (Kappa) members of S.PLH managed to crash and overturn, before even entering the high speeds of the highway. It happens to the best of us :D You can watch the clips here:

Sgt. Pepper's Perspective

Fragged's Perspective

Steering towards Dover the convoy prepared itself for the madness of the updated Calais sea port terminal, pleasantly unaware of the gridlock that awaited them on the other side of the channel.

Upon entering Calais the convoy was halted, unable to leave the safety of the ferry's no collision zone and enter the port itself for fear of flying trucks! At this point, the convoy teleported out of the sea port and quickly regrouped at a gas station outside the city, at the perimeter of the chaos of the Calais-Duisburg traffic hubs.

Although put out with missing the full experience of the new sea port properly, the wheels must keep turning, and so our magnificent convoy leader Valancea led us out of the madness and towards our destination Travemünde. And so the miles gave way to a smooth drive as the chaos continued to ensue behind us.

The convoy arrived relatively safely to the port at Travemünde in northern Germany. Our truckers quickly made the ferry crossing to the Latvian city of Liepāja, part of the Beyond The Baltic Sea expansion, a beautiful part of map DLC that has the added benefit of greatly reducing the chance of trolls!

Here the convoy took a short break to rest and refuel its drivers, and pick up new loads bound Debrecen. The service station we regrouped in was curiously situated opposite a cemetery!

Once again, Valancea led us out onto the Baltic roads, from here on the convoy was unbothered by trolls and stopped briefly only to refuel and wait for Pepper, who of course, had a slight incident along the way getting stuck in a ditch!

And so the convoy wound its way into Eastern Hungary, with a few S.PLH drivers being caught out by the twisty country roads ;)

Eventually landing in our final destination Debrecen. Here the convoy ended much as it had started, parked up neatly in a service station or a debrief and well earned rest after a good days trucking!

Thus completing another successful Sgt. Pepper's Long Haulage Sunday Convoys! Thanks to our fantastic drivers, old and new! Hope to see you next Sunday for more trucking!

Convoy Attendees:










I brake for cake


Austin Phoenix



SJO 8164









For for Images check out the full gallery here

See if you can spot yourself! We look forward to you joining us for our next adventure!

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