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S.PLH Saturday ATS Convoys Recap | 5th Dec 2020

By Austin_Phoenix   |   19 Dec 2020 12:56 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

S.PLH Saturday ATS Convoys Recap!

5th December 2020

The day our glorious Canadian leader has dreamed of has arrived! We can finally explore his homeland! well part of it at least XD

American Truck Simulator has been getting a lot more love and attention lately, with the stunningly beautiful map expansion of Colorado, more trucks to drive like the Western Star 49x, and just recently the instant fan favourite Freightliner Cascadia, and even more customization in the form of interior customization DLC add-ons. You would be forgiven for thinking that all of this was more than enough content to expect in the last quarter of the year!

Sgt.Peppers Long Haulage Crosses the Border!

Bird104's Shot of our Convoy Lineup

But those incredible map designers over at ProMods wanted to add one more surprise into the mix, place the star a-top the Christmas Tree and release their first map add-on for ATS, Canada! Not only this, but in collaboration with the legends over at TruckersMP, Canada was instantly supported in multiplayer, so of course, the Canadian owned S.PLH had to go explore it together for ourselves!

The Convoy Gathers in Steamboat Springs

We began in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Gathering in the company garage, many of our drivers chose to use their brand new Freightliner Cascadia Trucks! Loaded with a wide variety of cargoes, we set off for for Vancouver, eager for our first taste of British Columbia!

Fragged waits patiently for the convoy to begin

I brake for cake and jonas2360 leaving the garage

Quickly racking up the miles, the convoy passed through Utah and into Idaho, heading up Route 15 our first way-point was a gas station and large rest stop just south of Pocatello. A quick refuel and regroup whilst waiting for some more of our drivers to join us, as well as our company owner Pepper peeling off from the group to collect his cargo.

First part of the convoys route.

Convoy Lineup in the Route 15 rest stop.

Fragged-BE- shot of our S.PLH drivers

Bird104 joins the convoy!

Turning west onto Route86, then Route84, we continued knocking down the states in our cross country trip, passing through Oregon and turning north into Washington, burning through the diesel we headed for a gas station on Interstate Route 5, south of Bellingham. **With some of Kaythos usual antics along the way! **

S.PLH Burning through miles!

Convoy at gas station just off Route 5

WarrenBoomers Shot of the convoy lineup

Continuing North of Bellingham, the convoy crossed the border, finally entering the motherland of our company owner Sgt. Pepper, Canada!

Final part of first Convoy route

Heading north on British Columbia Highway 15, we joined the main route of the Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 1, bound for Vancouver! Upon arriving in the recognizably detailed city our drivers dispersed to explore and drop off the loads. We gathered in a scrap metal processing plant to the east of the city. Now loaded up with cargoes for our second Canadian destination, Salmon Arm!

The convoy reloads in Vancouver, not a glamorous spot, but that's the life of a trucker!

WarrenBoomers shot of our drivers in Vancouver

First all Canadian Convoy Route, to Salmon Arm.

Heading east past Coquitlam and Hope, we turned North, marveling at the beautiful Canadian scenery captured by the ProMods team, eventually rejoining Highway 1 at Kamloops, ending our first all-Canadian convoy in a forestry logging areas in Salmon Arm!

Impressive Detail of ProMods Canada!

A gaggle of trucks gathers in a dark logging area

S.PLH in Salmon Arm

The darkness of the night didn't worry our experienced truckers, once again reloading with new cargoes bound for our final Canadian destination of the day, Osoyoos.

Heading south on Canadian Route 97, bound for Osoyoos

Beautiful entrance to our final destination of the night

As dawn broke over the convoy, our drivers finally arrived at the end of our 2439km (1515 miles) journey at a Winery in Osoyoos! Parking up and switching off our engines after a whistle stop tour around ProMods brand new and beautifully modeled Canada!

Convoy arrives in Osoyoos

However, we've barely scratched the surface with exploring Canada, and there's much more of British Columbia to explore! So you can be sure Sgt. Peppers Long Haulage will return to explore more in convoys to come! We look forward to you joining us then for more trucking!

S.PLH Truckers Parked up in Osoyoos

Convoy Attendees:

Scandinvaian (DK)

Fragged -BE-

I brake for cake


Sgt. Pepper






Kaytho [FR]




Ken Shinoda



For for Images check out the full gallery here

See if you can spot yourself! We look forward to you joining us for our next adventure!

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Bonus Shots of Bosco Rubber Side Up!

Bosco wishes you a Merry Christmas!

S.PLH at its Finest!



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