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Weekly Recap! 12th - 18th December 2020

By Austin_Phoenix   |   19 Dec 2020 16:15 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

A quick look back at S.PLH's trucking Adventures this week!

S.PLH and Friends Impressive Lineup!

Starting with last Saturday's (12th Dec) American Truck Simulator convoys, We explored more of the recently added and beautiful scenery of ProMods Canada, heading down to the also new region of Colorado to complete a few more World of Trucks Exploring Colorado event jobs!

Pepper, Thrumwald and LocPlaysGames on ATS

Then, on Sunday (13th Dec) it was S.PLH's long awaited return to the ETS2 ProMods map! Starting in the far southerly port of Dover, the convoy headed north, traveling practically the full length of the UK, all the way to the top of Scotland!

S.PLH Lined up in Dover Sea Port

Arriving in Thurso, Scotland

Boarding the ferry leaving the UK

After a couple of quick ferry crossing from the Port of Thurso, with a quick layover in the Faroe Islands, the convoy landed in Seyðisfjörður (Iceland). Here everyone regrouped in a small parking lot near the port, taking in the beautiful scenery surrounded by ice and passing boats. This was a nice spot to wait for Pepper, who was up to his usual antics!

Pepper Best Driver

Pepper On His Side

Lined up near the port in Seyðisfjörður

Iceland's immediate beauty

As we rolled through the beautiful scenery of Iceland, it was suggested that we take a slight detour to our route, to head up the F208, one of Iceland's more "off-road" passages. So being remarkably sensible for S.PLH, we stopped off at a remote service station to top off our diesel tanks, ready for the climbs, twists and turns that lay ahead of us!

S.PLH trucks carve through the Icelandic landscape.

Topping off our fuel tanks

The F208 road provided many challenges to overcome, including tunnels, water crossings, and long twisty climbs avoiding several oncoming convoys!

Passing other brave convoys!

More off-road than on-road!

Water crossings!

We made it through mostly unscathed by the experience and arrived at our destination of Vestmannaeyjar, with a race to the finish as Pepper and couple others rushed to drop off their cargos in time!

S.PLH parked up for the evening in Vestmannaeyjar service station

i brake for cake, Pepper and Rauno in Iceland

Sunday Convoy Attendees:










Scandinavian (DK)



I brake for cake








Then on Tuesday (15th Dec) a couple of our drivers represented our VTC at Red Line Cargo's Christmas convoy, their final event of 2020! Bird104 and Fragged-BE- joined them, trucking through Italy, from the IKA in Florence to the Bari Container Terminal!

RLC Christmas convoy

All the attendees lined up up the Container Port

Thursday (17th Dec) was Sheva Logistics' convoy. Representing S.PLH was Rauno727, Fragged-BE-, Bird104, Austin Phoenix, and i brake for cake, traveling from the Transinet in Dortmund, through a custom route to the quarry in Prague!

Sheva Logistics Convoy!

Joined by i brake for cake!

Sheva Logistics welcomes S.PLH

Rounding off a fantastic weeks worth of trucking was Fridays (18th Dec) Convoy Security Group Christmas Convoy, which we attended in full Christmas attire, including Christmas themed trucks and trailers! Attending from S.PLH was Austin Phoenix, Fragged-BE- and Rauno727! The ConSec Group convoy took us from the Norssken depot in Karlskrona (Sweden) to Helsinki (Finland), we continued on to Lahti to drop off our World Of Trucks Event Christmas Trailers!

Christmas Themed Trucks

Beginning of ConSecGroup Christmas Convoy

S.PLH joined the other VTC's in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Now joined by Bird104 and Ibrakeforcake, our drivers hadn't had enough! And wishing to continue racking up the miles towards the Christmas event goal, continued on to Vilnius (Lithiania), on to Felixstowe (England) via Calais, and finally back over the Channel to Amsterdam (Netherlands). With a couple of spills and incidents along the way! Well done our drivers!

AustinPhoenix caught in a trap!

Another handsome lineup!

What a fantastic and varied week of trucking! Sgt. Peppers Long Haulage is definitely making a name and appearance in the community attending these events! And were not slowing down, with another fun and trucking filled weekend ahead, with TruckersMP's Official Christmas 12 Hour Charity Convoy, in support of the RSPCA, and more ATS trucking to come on Sunday! We look forward to seeing you there!

Missed last week's fun? You can watch our first adventures into ProMods Canada on ATS HERE, on Sgt. Pepper's YouTube Channel!

For all the Images from this week check out the full gallery here

See if you can spot yourself! We look forward to you joining us for our next adventure!

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