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Official TruckersMP March Convoy Info

By Austin_Phoenix   |   13 Mar 2021 23:35 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hello Truckers!

TruckersMP Official Convoy Hype!!

This Sunday (14th March) we will be on American Truck Simulator attending the March TruckersMP Official Convoy!

We will be starting in the Seattle "A-Steel" and Heading towards the "Haddock Shipyard" near Portland

This means that to join the convoy this week you will need the Washington DLC

Convoy Details

Meetup Time: Approx 16:00 UTC (Usual Meetup Time) Alternative Timezones

Convoy Leave Time: 14th March at 18:00 UTC Alternative Timezones

Start Location: Seattle "A-Steel" (Washington)

End Location: Portland "Haddock Shipyard"

Game: American Truck Simulator

Server: TMP Official Event Server

Note: Washington Map DLC Required

Route: Map

Track our live location here:

There are no assigned parking slots this week, so we will be parking with the public, in an effort to try and get our leave time closer to the front of the convoy, we will be meeting at the "A-Steel" As shown below>

As always with large public events, the roads will be busy around the starting area and you may struggle with frame-rates at the beginning. Therefore we advise positioning yourself for the start of the convoy on a different server, or even single-player, before connecting to the TruckersMP Official Convoy Server, to make this easier.

Convoy Route:

As this will be a large public event, we will be representing our VTC, so please drive within the rules and wear our company livery / paintjob for the convoy.

You can track our current location here:

If you're having trouble don't forget you can ask for help in the discord or xsgtpepperx 's chat on the stream

We look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Trucking!


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