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How our 1st convoy went

By Baldy09   |   06 Dec 2022 18:22 UTC | Updated on 06 Dec 2022 18:25 UTC

Insanux VTC 1st convoy was great. It was a good start to the drive not too many other players around us so we weren’t causing any problems for them. It was all a smooth drive without any problems along the way. We saw some awesome trucks during the convoy. It was a great experience that you don’t ever want to miss. I can’t wait to host the next convoy for all of our members. I am also planning a public convoy so our VTC can interact with other VTC’s and build links so we can be invited to more convoys in future for our members. I hope there will be more members joining in with the next convoy and we might choose a longer route and a different location to make it more fun and last longer.



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Created: 22 Nov 2020 11:58 UTC
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