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By ChillSkies   |   22 Jan 13:13 UTC | Updated on 22 Jan 13:15 UTC

Since we opened we have been trying to make it the best we can. This includes branding... We have decided to rebrand to allow our VTC the best possible chance to grow and have a successful future. So what does this mean for current members? Not much will change you will just notice our name change and our colors and tag change. It will seperate our VTC from others and it will represent our aim much better. Our aim has always been and always will be relaxed trucking that everyone can enjoy and so with all this being said... I welcome you all to OceanView Logistics We appreciate everything our members do and the fact you have stuck with us and things will only get better from here!



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Created: 22 Nov 2020 11:58 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
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