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We got Validated!

By Haagsegamer070   |   07 Apr 11:29 UTC

Hello Drivers, new and old,

We're pleased to say that Plasma Trucking meets the requirements and is now 'Validated.'

This will, hopefully, help us to recruit more Drivers as we're listed higher up on the VTC page with a gold name too.

We're working on reaching 'Verified' status next. To do this we will be organising more company events such as:

  • Private 'members only' drives
  • Casual convoys open to the public

We will also be attending more public events formally and as a VTC.

This should provide an enriched experience for all drivers, whether that be something to do during 'lockdown,' more friends to drive with or simply pride of place in our VTC and the wider community.

We hope to see you out on the road, at an event or in our Discord chat soon!

Best Regards,

Plasma Trucking team.


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