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By .Stan   |   30 Apr 07:30 UTC | Updated on 30 Apr 07:55 UTC

On the 15th of April, it was time for us to head on a trip with some other VTCs. One of the most important things to us at Phoenix is interacting with others, and being involved with different aspects of the community, as this is what really allows for a great time. Previously we held some really successful convoys with Prime and RLC, so it was about time to embark on another convoy, this time with Aurora joining us for the journey!

When taking these private trips, it's always nice to explore an area that is less visited by convoys, and for this reason we began the convoy in Banja Luka, on the ProMods Server! This is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, making for a great place to meet up with all the VTCs. One thing that also makes these events different is the fact that we travel not as separate VTCs, but instead intermingle together with one-another. This is great, as it means that members of the different VTCs can talk to new people, and check out their trucks along the route.

Once we had all departed, we took some lovely peaceful roads and had some great fun along the way, until we arrived in Banská Bystrica, a city in Slovakia. This is a breath-taking location, with the city being surrounds by the mountain chains of the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra and the Kremnica Mountains. All in all, this was a fabulous evening made possible by the wonderful members and staff from all three of the VTCs! Below, we will share some photos for you to see what we got up to:

Photo Credit: MrAndyTF

Photo Credit: José Borja

Photo Credit: BluMellow

Photo Credit: MrAndyTF

Photo Credit: Ascension32

Photo Credit: José Borja

Photo Credit: MrAndyTF

And we just had to end on that photo...what a brilliant idea by our member berechtigter! For this journey, he decided to create a trailer that would show all three of the paintjobs, from Prime, Aurora and then back to Phoenix. Everyone really enjoyed seeing this truck down the road, and it certainly made for an interesting sight when going round corners!

And with that, sadly we have reached the end of this article. As always, we hope to see you very soon at the numerous public events we will be attending soon. A massive thank you to everyone at Aurora and Prime that made this fantastic event possible, and we hope to see you at another event very soon! If you liked the look of this event, and think that perhaps Phoenix might be the VTC for you, please feel free to join our Discord server by clicking here, in order to learn some more :D


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