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Phoenix Weekly Rewind #7 (12/04/2021)

By .Stan   |   12 Apr 23:24 UTC

Welcome to the 7th edition of our Weekly Rewind. We've attended some great events in the last 7 days, so here you can read all about it! In this update we cover all of the events from the last seven days, so enjoy!

Prime Logistics Convoy #75 - Monday 5th April

We kicked off the week by attending a lovely event hosted by our friends at Prime Logistics! This began in Rzeszów and we travelled to Ostrołęka. It's not that often we get events that are on ProMods, so this was something a bit different!

Photo: Cupid

Photo: Cupid

Cupid's Romanian Rendezvous - Wednesday 7th April

For this event, we went on a special drive through Romania with the new alternate vehicles! Starting in Timișoara, we travlled down some great roads with some incredible views!

Photo: Syna

Photo: Syna

Wolves™ April Public Convoy - Thursday 8th April

For this event, we joined Wolves™ for their monthly event! We started off in Mannheim, and made our way on a fantastic trip to Hanover! Our drivers enjoyed this event, and we hope to see Wolves™ at another event soon!

Photo: Syna

Photo: Cupid

JJ's Scandinavia Road Trip Part 3 - Friday 9th April

On Thursday evening, our senior Events Staff Member JJ took us on a wonderful trip around Scandinavia, continuing from where we had previously left off! This convoy saw us depart from Jönköping in Sweden, and make our way to Jyväskylä in Finland.

Photo: Huawa

Photo: Vicc

Trucky Public Convoy - Saturday 10th April

To send us into Saturday evening, we attended a public event on American Truck Simulator. This was great fun, as it is not often we see a convoy with CC, on an event server in North America! Our partners at Global Cargo provided a wonderful CC service also, which made the convoy run as smooth as butter.

Photo: Chaotic Control

Photo: Chaotic Control

B&Č Easter Public Convoy - Sunday 11th April

To end this action packed week, we headed back over to ETS to drive in another convoy, this time hosted by our friends at B&Č Transport! This wonderful route started in Napoli and finished in Firenze! The wonderful B&Č Event Team provided CC for the route, which went down really well!

Photo: Syna

Photo: Clarence

I'm afraid that's it for this week! If you would Phoenix to attend your event, or if you have any questions about our Events Team pop into our Discord or email [email protected]


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