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Development Update #1

By Doggo.   |   31 Jul 2021 19:41 UTC | Updated on 31 Jul 2021 20:01 UTC

Development Update #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Phoenix Development Update! In this series of news posts, we'll be taking a look at the most recent changes on our custom platforms.

What a month it's been! On the 1st of July we released our custom Job Logging System on the PhoenixBase, something that our Development Team has been working on for the past few months. And we can't wait to show you what's coming next!

Job Logging on the PhoenixBase

Since March 2021, our team has been working extremely hard on a custom Job Logging System for our drivers. With a total of 103 (and still growing) job logging tickets in our Project Management system, we have striven to make this one of the most advanced and easy-to-use job logging systems in the VTC world.

Before the public release, we offered a Beta Testing program for some of our drivers. We chose this approach in order to make sure that we rule out any possible bugs and issues, before releasing this system to all our drivers. After all, we don't want to release a system that doesn't work perfectly. There currently aren't many VTCs with a custom Job Logging System, so this will give us the opportunity to grow even bigger.

The stages were as follows:

Stage 1 - 17th until 20th May (4 days) Eligible Roles: (Retired) Staff Purpose: This stage will have a pretty short duration, its main purpose is to find any big breaking bugs that we may have missed during development.

Stage 2 - 20th May until 10th June (3 weeks) Eligible Roles: Early Birds Purpose: With over 55 Early Birds, this is where the fun begins. They will get the chance to be one of the first to test Job Logging for a longer period of time. Things may not work perfectly, they might find bugs and would like to see things be changed and/or improved. With bug reporting and feature requesting available, together with this group of users we'll try to make this an awesome system.

Stage 3 - 10th June until 1st July (3 weeks) Eligible Roles: Beta Testers* Description: Now that most bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made, it'll be time to introduce this system to a bigger group of users. Even though this will still be considered Beta Testing, we expect the Job Logging to be mostly, if not fully useable.

*Choosable role for every Phoenix Member

Planned Release - 1st July At this point, we expect the Job Logging system to be perfect enough for release. All bugs and issues should have been fixed, and it'll be perfect to use for everyone.


New Features

  • Added a route map to the delivery page
  • Created a Game Data Request System
  • Added a Vacation Calendar to the management Vacation Requests page
  • Added a Screenshot Hub Discord webhook
  • Created a Leave Request approved email notification
  • Created a Vacation Request approved notification


  • Removed the pride month theme
  • Improved some permissions
  • Paginated the Vacation Requests management page
  • Other internal changes and improvements

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