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Development Update #2

By Doggo.   |   02 Sep 2021 12:00 UTC | Updated on 02 Sep 2021 13:16 UTC

Development Update #2

Welcome to the second edition of the Phoenix Development Update! For those who haven't seen the previous edition yet, in this series of news posts we'll be taking a look at the most recent changes on our custom platforms.

Although the past month may not have looked like the most active month in terms of new feature releases, we have been working harder behind the scenes than ever before! With loads of new features and some new projects that we have been working on, I cannot wait until the release. I can't and won't show everything yet, but keep reading for some small sneak peeks!

The Phoenix tracker

Some drivers prefer to log jobs manually, and others prefer to use a tracker. We have an amazing PhoenixBase (DriversHub), however it currently only supports manual job logging. So in order to give our drivers a choice, we also use TrucksBook for automatic job tracking. TrucksBook definitely has its pros and cons, though. Some may love it, others may hate it.

When making the decision to use TrucksBook at the start of Phoenix, we all knew that this would just be a temporary solution until our PhoenixBase for manual—and the Phoenix Tracker for automatic logging would be ready.

I am excited to announce that this moment will come very soon! We have been working very hard the past few months on developing a good & functional tracker that will work together seamlessly with our PhoenixBase. Our tracker will also have full mod support, for both cargo and map mods, including Special Transport jobs.

Here is a work-in-progress screenshot of the homepage, with some special features blurred:

When our Phoenix Tracker detects a job, it will send it over to our PhoenixBase. You will then be able to verify and complete it: Did you spot the location marker icon next to the job status? That's a way to easily tell if it's a tracker job!

Some may also have seen me test the Discord Rich Presence:


Our beloved PhoenixBot has been a part of our team and community since the first day. However, we think it's currently missing some features for drivers.

As some could already tell from our #change-log channel on Discord, we are working on some new features to integrate the PhoenixBot with our PhoenixBase. For example, but not limited to, a !whois command:

Our main website

I'll be honest. Our main website ( was designed and coded in a rush to be in time for the VTC opening. It looks good, but there's a pretty big list of flaws and improvements ever since we released the initial version. Even though it still is actively maintained, we currently are working on a complete redesign of this website; a version and design that better fits with what Phoenix is today: a well-known, revolutionary Virtual Trucking Company.

I will leave you with one more teasing screenshot for this news post: a small part of the redesigned homepage: That looks pretty awesome, right?


New Features

  • User achievements!
    You can unlock these by exploring the PhoenixBase and logging (special) jobs. Unlocked and in-progress achievements are visible on your PhoenixBase profile, and also have a dedicated page.
  • Added a notification when Event XP has been rewarded for an event that you attended
  • Created security update emails (on successful password reset/change and/or email change)
  • Created new API endpoints in preparation for soon™️ bot features
  • Implemented an automatic daily TruckersMP ban check for all Phoenix Members
  • Enabled PWA support - you can now install the PhoenixBase on your phone as an "app"
  • Created a Driver Application status update webhook (recruitment staff only)
  • Created an alert on the dashboard page when you don't have a Discord account connected

Changes and improvements

  • Removed the pride month theme
  • Improved some permissions
  • Paginated the Vacation Requests management page
  • Other internal changes and improvements
  • Removed the minimum value of 0 in the city edit/add coordinate field
  • Fixed some route parameters
  • Fixed some issues with unique user fields


  • Fixed the broken notification dropdown width & unread dot
  • Fixed screenshot image rounding
  • Fixed some permissions where some drivers couldn't see job information on the home/dashboard page

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