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Development Update #3

By Doggo.   |   30 Sep 2021 12:37 UTC | Updated on 30 Sep 2021 12:40 UTC

Development Update #3

Welcome to the third edition of the Phoenix Development Update! For those who haven't seen the previous edition yet, in this series of news posts we'll be taking a look at the most recent changes on our custom platforms.

With the first release of our custom Discord bot, and awesome behind the scenes progress on our Phoenix Tracker, it again was a month filled with activity, as you can see in the in-depth view.

The PhoenixBot

Since the opening of our VTC, we have had our trusty PhoenixBot with us. However, some may not know this, it actually never was a custom bot. We have hosted PhoenixBot with MEE6's premium service. However, we think it was time to introduce something custom! We are hoping to completely migrate PhoenixBot to our own hosting solution and introduce more features in the upcoming months.

The first release of our custom bot was released on the 13th of September, which included some awesome (new) features such as:

A /whois command, which allows you to view your or another user's PhoenixBase information.

Whois Command

A /balance command, which allows you to view your or another user's PhoenixBase wallet and Event XP.

Balance Command

A /together command, which allows you to start a new Together session in your current voice channel. E.g., for YouTube, which allows you to watch videos together.

Together Command

Together Command Output

YouTube Together

Private channels. Create a new (temporary) voice channel, and add any user.

Private Channels

A progress update on our Tracker

While most of the tracker development updates have taken place in the back-end code, there are some small new improvements and features that I'd like to showcase.

View your pending tracker jobs, and verify them. All from the Phoenix Tracker.

Pending Jobs page

A clean but advanced settings page, with more customization options to come.

Settings page



New Features

  • Automatically mark the event host/lead as attending on event create*
  • Added a searchable dropdown to the event attendee management page*
  • Added a daily user VTC check job
  • Added a Discord field to user profile pages
  • Added a "Previous Driver Application(s)" card to the recruitment show page


  • Made the event distance field required*
  • Open next searchable dropdown on tab press (feature requested by Chaotic Control)
  • Hide the attendee management "Reward Event XP" button if the event hasn't finished yet*
  • Improved the user management page*
  • Added a UniqueForDay rule to events, so that only one event can be added to a date*
  • Renamed event "Start Date and Time" fields to "Departure Date and Time"
  • Refactored the daily ban check job to use a new TruckersMP API endpoint*
  • Included our TruckersMP VTC URL in the acceptance email

Bug Fixes

  • Disallow duplicate entries in event attendee management page*
  • Made some variables on the setting page nullable, fixing a rare bug if a (testing) user with missing nullable data tried to access that page
  • Now ignoring softdeleted entries in the account settings page, that caused some users to not being able to change their account data

* Staff only feature or page


New Commands

Member Tools:

  • /whois: View your or someone else's PhoenixBase info
  • /balance: View your or someone else's balance


  • /together: Create a Together invite for the voice channel you are currently in. E.g.: /together YouTube. The available activities are: YouTube, Poker, Betrayal, Fishing & Chess.

Private Channels These are not available for everyone yet

  • /channel create: Create a private voice channel
  • /channel permit: Add a user to your private channel
  • /channel revoke: Revoke a user from your private channel
  • /channel delete: Delete your private voice channel


  • /ping: Easily check if the bot is working. Returns "Pong!".


  • Migrated the greeting commands: /good morning, /good afternoon, /good evening, /good night.

Thank you for reading this month's Development Update, and I hope to see you again in 31 days!

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