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[1/9/2019] - [3/9/2019] Tracker Bugfix Rounds

By Aleksa_Djordjic   |   03 Sep 2019 18:31 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

1st Bugfix for v0.1

--==<< Spark Tracker v0.1.0 -=> v0.1.1 >>==--

=-> Changed
    -> Fixed Discord Rich Presence toggle in Settings not actually toggling the Rich Presence
    -> Changed how Server Pings work on the Login screen to fix an Auto-Login bug when the client cant ping the server IP (Reported by Nathan)

2nd Bugfix for v0.1

--==<< Spark Tracker v0.1.1 -=> v0.1.2 >>==--

=-> Added
    -> ConsoleWindow for logging all of the errors to enable easier error reporting and debugging, you can open it with CTRL+SHIFT+F11

=-> Changed
    -> Fixed Discord Rich Presence crashing while trying to restart
    -> Fixed Auto-Login blocking up while checking the servers due to unintentional multi-threading

3rd (last) Bugfix for v0.1

--==<< Spark Tracker v0.1.2 -=> v0.1.3 >>==--

=-> Changed
    -> Fixed Tracker staying open when the Main Window gets closed
    -> Blocked running multiple instances of Spark Tracker
    -> Fixed Discord Rich Presence displaying Game Name on Small Image twice
    -> Fixed Discord Rich Presence not toggling properly

View Trello Board This post is open to public, although tracker is locked to drivers only and suggestions are accepted only from drivers, any other suggestion will be ignored/deleted (on the Trello) to avoid spam

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